Gift Giving

A gift is a great way to show how much you love and care for someone. If you’ve ever received a gift from a friend, family member or loved one, then you know how exciting it feels to have someone know exactly what you’d like. is a great place to shop for that person that’s hard to buy for. The products on this site are unique, unusual, different, practical, affordable, high-quality, and just plain cool!

We have been selling these cool products for years. And over that time, we’ve been listening carefully to your feedback about our products. One of our customers gave us this comment :

“Where in the world did you ever find them? You’re such a clever shopper! No kidding. They are not just for gearheads and fisherman. They are great for family picnics, cook-outs, barbecues, and tailgating.”

And then we realized that we don’t just make great gifts for men. We make products that really make a statement and fit right into people’s lives as that ‘perfect’ gift.

The products on can be bought individually for that special gift. Or they can be bought in sets for that cook-out at a discount. You even get free shipping in the US on orders of $75 to make it easier to get everything you need. has a wide variety of gifts for the gearhead or fisherman in your life. Browse them by category or save when you buy in sets. If you need help choosing, feel free to contact us just for advice or to give us feedback.

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